Technology problems solved in an hour and we're saving $2080 per month!

Technology problems solved in an hour and we’re saving $2080 per month!

ABSH Computers has been the Pancake Parlour's technology partner for 17 years, long before I started. I must admit I was sceptical about the program having always had a traditional in house IT person and was honestly surprised.

Having a team of experts on call means problems are solved fast, usually within an hour, instead of time being lost waiting for them to research solutions. But, what our leadership team values most is our quarterly strategy sessions. Having an experienced CIO to chew the fat with helps us make clear, accurate decisions which has helped us save over $2080 per month.

The Pancake Parlour

Eliminated IT headaches, increased morale, and productivity savings equivalent of two full time employees!

Eliminated IT headaches, increased morale, and productivity savings equivalent of two full time employees!

We evaluated 4 other IT providers but selected ABSH as we felt they not only provided support but also a clear direction and IT strategy for the future. As a rapidly growing company this was incredibly important to us especially as we evaluated cloud offerings. ABSH were instrumental in helping us evaluate the cloud and work out what would work for our business.

I spend ZERO time worrying about IT, our technology system has become a business enabler which has allowed us to scale and we have seen productivity savings equivalent of two full time employees.

Telstra Business Centre Melb West

The comprehensive upgrade of our network was thoroughly researched, planned and executed by ABSH. The guys were across all of the issues, and designed and delivered a first rate network, in a fuss-free and smooth operation that accommodated our needs and concerns throughout. Well done, and thank you.

Managing Director
Vicpole Pty Ltd

We hired ABSH based on the fact that not only were they professional and well presented, they added so much value to our business by eliminating our downtime, providing us with the right systems and lots and lots of support. They are amazing and leave no stone unturned.

Chief Financial Officer

If you are looking for a customer centric IT Solutions “partner” and not just another IT company than ABSH Computers should be your first choice

Chief Financial Officer
LaManna Bananas

We have outsourced the IT department for our state wide operations to A.B.S.H Computers for over 20 years. ABSH have been a key partner in ensuring smooth and consistent operations of our IT infrastructure whilst providing invaluable advice helping us to plan for future growth and implement scalable solutions. They consistently deliver world class technical services with fantastic response times. The breadth and depth of knowledge their engineers posses is proof they are true professionals.

Operations Manager
Milestone Chemicals Pty Ltd

A.B.S.H Computers are leaders in the technology market and an invaluable asset when formulating IT strategy. Their design architects and engineers are BRILLIANT and they have consistently delivered solutions at the forefront of technology increasing efficiency, redundancy and reducing costs. Our most recent project was to virtualise our environment helping us achieve our GREEN initiative whilst resulting in cost savings of $1500 per month!

Morris Cohen Glen & Co