Weekly CyberSecurity Podcast EP. 11

Friday, 12 August 2016



  • Microsoft Patch Tuesday
  • Project Sauron Malware Found Stealing Sensitive Data from 30 Government Networks Worldwide after Five Years Undetected
  • DefCon Security Conference: Andrew Tierney and Ken Munro from Pen Test Partners demonstrated their proof-of-concept ransomware for smart thermostats
  • News Bytes:
    • QuadRooter vulnerabilities found in Qualcomm modem chipsets
    • Flaw found in Volkswagen keyless entry systems (we mistakenly said Volvo)
    • Brit network 02 sends out virus infested USB pens
    • VMware Security Updates
    • Apple iOS 9.3A released security update to patch Pangu jailbreak
    • Cryptoransomware News
    • Australian 2016 Census update